Private tours in Malta and Gozo

We are open to your ideas.
If you are a larger group let us know what you’re looking for. We are happy to personalise our services for you!
Maltese history and culture encompass an exciting period of 8000 years and their colourful spectrum of interest is broad and vast. There is something for everyone to enjoy and our dedicated group of professional guides are eager to walk you through it all. Thanks to our team’s extensive knowledge about the Maltese islands, an enjoyable and enriching experience is most certainly guaranteed. We genuinely believe that a love of the country as well as its people is a vital ingredient for a successful tour approach and we have both. Malta is our passion and muse, bursting with an abundance of charming secrets which we are dying to share with you.
Moreover, rest assured that private transport is provided and guaranteed. Whether it’s by minibus, bus or a chauffeur-driven luxury car, let us put your mind at ease, we do it all.

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